Helps your students stay organized
ClassTrak is the fastest and easiest way for teachers to keep students and their parents informed about homework and tests.
“Helps your students stay organized...”
ClassTrak makes it easy for teachers to communicate with students and parents about homework, tests and grades.
What our users are saying about ClassTrak

“ClassTrak is amazing. I love how organized it is and that it helps me keep track of everything.”
Elizabeth B, Teacher
“ClassTrak is great. It makes it really easy for my son and I to be organized and know what has to be done and when it is due.”
Bonnie K, Parent

For K-12 Teachers
Classroom management has never been easier. Assign homework, schedule tests, manage your gradebook and communicate with students and parents.
For Students
ClassTrak makes it easy for students to stay organized and keep track of important deadlines and upcoming tests.
...And parents like it too!

Homework & Tests
Assigning homework, project and tests is fast and easy and ensures that all you students are aware of what has to be done and when. And students can access their homework for any computer or mobile device.
Easy to Use
Why does class administration have to take so much of your time? ClassTrak is so simple to use, saving you valuable time for the more important things. In only few minutes per day, you can help even your most disorganized students stay on track.
ClassTrak's easy to use gradebook saves you time managing grades and reporting grades to students, parents and school administration.
Unlike homework agendas, ClassTrak gives you the added benefit of knowing the level of your students engagement with their work.
More testimonials:
“ClassTrak is a great program! I love it how it keeps everything very organized”
Harley, Grade 6 Student
“ClassTrak is so simple to use.”
Joelle, Teacher
“This is an amazing tool. I love it especially since I have multiple children. It really helps me keep track of everything.”
Carole, Parent
“I love how ClassTrak is so easy to use. I don't need to go searching for all of my assignments since they are all right here.”
Madison, Grade 7 Student
“ClassTrak lets our students (and their parents) know exactly what they have to do.”
Marnie, Principal


"At ClassTrak, we're passionate about helping kids do better at school and believe that educational tools should be simple and easy to use."